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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Writers, bloggers & associate editors wanted for new online site

Hi folks

I’m launching a new online magazine/portal for news, features and commentary that you’re unlikely to find in mainstream media. It will feature the following categories:

• Feminism & pop culture
• Media & technology
• Social justice
• Health
• Arts
• Book, DVD and music reviews

It’s aimed at anyone who’s looking for smart, incisive, informative pieces and we will build links with other sites that have a similar ethos. While the editor-in-chief is based in Sydney, Australia, the intended audience is both local and global, and associate editors will be based all over.

Voluntary positions

I’m initially doing this project for the love of it and I’m looking for contributors and associate editors who’d like to come on board.

I will say upfront that no one is getting paid, including me. I’m paying for the site maintenance and for images and will be writing pieces for the site outside my paid editorial work.


I’m not going to ask anyone to spend time researching and writing articles specifically for this site (unless they want to – such as journalism students looking for experience in building up their portfolio and getting feedback on their articles from an experienced journalist and editor).

What I am looking at doing is building up a team of writers who already have their own blogs and are posting some great stuff to them and offering them another platform to put selected pieces onto to reach another set of readers. The same goes for professional journalists who may have placed certain pieces with other media and would be willing for them to appear on the new site to gain another audience for their work.

Your bio will appear at the end of each of your articles, and of course a link to your website or blog. The idea is to create a community of people who want to engage in conversations about content in each of the above categories; share information that you may not otherwise be exposed to; and gain more audiences for your work.

The aim is to feature articles by a mixture of professional journalists, bloggers and talented emerging writers. Contributors can be based anywhere in the world.

Videos, podcasts and photography also welcome.

Associate editors

Associate editors, in addition to posting their own pieces, will also bring other writers to the site. So, it’s a case of searching the net for good writers on particular subjects eg an associate editor for feminism & pop culture would seek out talented and interesting writers in this field and liaise with them to post their articles to this site.

Associate editors will also have the opportunity to post articles to the site (if they choose to), to gain experience using a web content management system (Joomla), which is useful if you apply for paid web editor positions.

Who am I?

I’m a journalist with 12 years experience as a news and features writer, sub-editor and editor on a range of consumer, trade, community and public sector magazines in London, the US and Sydney, Australia. My articles have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, YEN, Slimming & Health, Time Out London, Natural Health & Vegetarian Life, B&T, Nexus, and many more. I have written extensively for the GLBTIQ press, including a year as the launch editor of Cherrie magazine in Australia, news and features writer for SX and contributor to international lesbian magazines Diva and Curve. I’m also the editor of several books on topics as diverse as sex and gender diversity, hypnosis and self-help.

Why am I doing this project?

I’m doing this project because I know there is so much information out there that never sees the light of day in the majority of mainstream media, including niche and so-called alternative media, due to commercial concerns. Stories don’t make it into publications because they “may upset an advertiser”. Other “stories” are blatant advertorial puff sat alongside the latest celebrity gossip or lifestyle fluff.

What I’m looking to provide with this new site is:

• Intelligent commentary on a range of issues

• News and features on global and social issues, offering information that is scarce in other forms of media

• Interviews with smart thinkers and creators

• Books, DVDs and music that aspire to make a difference

• Arts coverage featuring innovative creatives from across the globe

• Ethical writing with an unapologetic social justice bent

Why an online portal?

Well, for one, it’s cheaper than print! But more importantly, online allows for interaction. There is much talk of the ‘future of journalism’ and where it’s headed. But one thing is for sure: People want to be part of the conversation, not just talked at, and as mentioned earlier, the aim of this site is to initiate conversations.

Still interested?

So if…

• You already have a blog and write about things that fall into the above categories and would be happy for some of your pieces to appear on the new site or

• You’re an emerging writer or journalism student looking to build your portfolio or

• You’re a professional journalist who has either placed an article with other niche media outlets and would be happy for it to appear on the new site, or have something that you feel is important but can’t place in mainstream media or

• You’d like to be an associate editor for one or more of the above sections…

Please email me at

Please include either writing samples or links to your blog.

When is it all happening?

I’m aiming to launch the site in November, so please spread the word and forward this message among your friends, work colleagues, networks, e-lists, e-groups, writing groups, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook friends who you think may be interested in writing for the new site or being an associate editor.

How often will articles be posted?

After the first set of articles is posted (the first ‘issue’ if you like), they will remain there for a month while the site is promoted, to allow people to get a feel for it. After that, the majority of pieces will probably be posted monthly, but with occasional pieces that are time-sensitive posted instantly and marketed on social media sites to alert people to them. If enough associate editors come on board, articles will be posted and promoted more frequently.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you! :)

Katrina Fox

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