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Thursday, January 08, 2009

LSD needs a makeover

The problems associated with crystal meth, particularly among the gay community, have been well documented, I thought I’d shift the focus onto mind-expanding substances such as LSD and ‘magic’ mushrooms. The last acid ‘epidemic’ occurred four decades ago in a haze of peace and love, and as far as I’m aware, no gay community in the world has ever been decimated by thousands of our kind shovelling inordinate amounts of special fungi down our gullets.

Various groups are doing their best to combat the crystal ‘problem’, putting forward ideas and strategies, ranging from hard-hitting campaigns with messages such as ‘meth = death’ to advice on how to take the drug safely and where to go for help if and when you need it. I’d like to propose another option: Employ the services of a top marketing firm to launch a multi-million dollar campaign to make acid and shrooms sexy, so they replace crystal as the substances of choice among queers. As has been done with disco, flares and Charlie’s Angels, psychedelics should be repackaged, glamorised and promoted as the ‘in-thing’ of the moment.

Let’s have a very quick look at the history and benefits of these two catalysts to opening the doors of perception, to see why this could work, not only to the advantage of the gay community but society as a whole. First off, psychedelic plants and their use in spiritual pursuits can be traced back to the beginnings of recorded history. In his 1993 book, Food of the Gods, author Terence McKenna offers a plausible hypothesis that homosapiens were in fact descended from psychedelic-using hominids, so we’d basically be going back to our roots. The successful use of LSD in psychotherapy, including overcoming addictions to other drugs, was widespread until the substance was made illegal in the 1960s. Unlike crystal, which turns you into a grumpy arsehole during the comedown, psychedelics offer the opportunity to be at one with the universe – a phenomenon known as ‘cosmic consciousness’ – returning gently to the recognisable dimension usually referred to as ‘reality’ with new insights about life, love and the nature of existence. Oh, and if you put The Wizard of Oz on while peaking, you may get the chance, as I did, to fly over the rainbow with Dorothy.

We need another Summer of Love. Let’s face it, if someone had dropped a tab or two into George W’s morning cuppa and sat him in the garden under a tree to commune with nature and allow his neural pathways to be reprogrammed, global warming would be on its way to being halted and war in Iraq could have been avoided. So, never mind ‘meth = death’, let’s hear ‘LSD = sexy’.

Disclaimer: This article, while calling for revolutionary tactics, is not intended to incite anyone to imbibe illegal substances. However, The Essential Psychedelic Guide by DM Turner is a good starting point on how to do it safely, for those who might have been considering it anyway. Peace ’n love, people.


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