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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mind, Body, Spirit

I think I'm reasonably open-minded. I believe there are things that science can't necessarily explain, I favour some complementary health practices that sit outside allopathic medicine and I'm all for people healing their bodies and minds and expanding their spiritual awareness. But ... there were some real 'out there' services on offer at this year's Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, which took place at the weekend.

Take 'transference healing', for example, which is, according to the brochure, "a seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process" that works with the "lightbody" and is channelled by Alexis Cartwright, who was "divinely guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy to channel and establish the Transference Healing Process onto the planet". Right.

Or, if you've got $450 going spare, don't be surprised if you're encouraged to invest in some 'neurotech training'. This involves the purchase of a gadget called the Psychonaut, which uses specially modulated flickering light embedded in a set of glasses, which apparently "tunes the brain and body". Funny that, because high-end laser lights and a nice E at a rave club does exactly that for me. And of course there's the crystal healing brigade, who were out in force. Now, I do actually like crystals - in fact, looking at them all pretty and sparkling is quite healing in itself, so I can see their potential. But when I'm handed a leaflet on liquid crystal healing that states that each stone has a "deva" - the "single beings responsible for the creation process of the physical crystal ... they are Angels and are awaiting your call" - I feel a teensy bit weirded-out, you know?

No Mind, Body, Spirit Festival would be complete without the God Squad, who are usually good for a laugh - and free books. The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan, and World Crisis Foretold were among the light reading offered by Eden Healthfoods. To give them their due, they were promoting vegetarianism, so I guess that puts a whole new spin on Eve's munching of the apple.

Stalls offering aura scans and chakra photos were abundant. As I walked by one, I heard the exhibitor ask, "Is she a journalist?" I turned around and said, "Yes, she is." He called me over and told me I had the "aura" of a journalist. Clever? Not really. Somehow I think the fact I was walking around with a notepad and pen might have given a few clues. Or that dark cloud of evil that shrouds me sometimes.

After a couple of hours I was a bit over it all. Until I spotted a stall called 'Nana May's Magic Hands'. If it were Sexpo, it could have been the perfect end to a lesbian's day. But alas, Nana May wasn't using her hands on anyone - in fact, she wasn't even there. But I did consent to a free scrub treatment by an attractive young woman and left the building with smelly fingers, which was a pleasant reminder of a one-night stand I had with a massage therapist in 1991. See, told you I was open-minded.


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