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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sex with kids

The current ire of feminists and some GLBT people towards a paedophilia website is reminiscent of the vitriol lambasted at the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which advocated the abolition of age-of-consent laws during the 1980s and 1990s, believing that gay liberation for minors implied the permission to engage in sexual relationships.

Discussions are heated in groups on MySpace, and online petitions are circulating furiously to close down, a website which purports to show the world the ‘human face of paedophilia’. is the brainchild of Lindsay Ashford, a male with a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent girls as young as six. As distasteful as this may sound, he claims not to have acted on his impulses nor broken the laws of any countries he has resided in. Furthermore, the site claims to offer a safe place for paedophiles (those attracted to children), as opposed to child molesters (those who act on their impulses), along with advice on how to live with this particular orientation while not breaking any laws. The site itself has been investigated by the FBI and deemed (albeit unwillingly) legal.

When people think of paedophilia it is, more often than not, man-boy or man-girl and even woman-boy attractions, but you don’t hear too much about woman-girl stuff. So, I was quite fascinated to read on the story of one of its female columnists, known as ‘Cat’, who has had a sexual relationship with her own (lesbian) mother since the age of eight, and continues it as an adult today. “Basically I realised I was attracted to my mom, and gradually began to express that attraction until it led up to kissing and touching,” she says. “I understood why I wanted my mom to touch me a certain way – it felt amazing and loving and relaxing, and it satisfied my attraction to her.” Cat, incidentally, was conceived by artificial insemination courtesy of her mum’s best friend, a gay man, who, along with his partner, knows about and is cool with the long-term Sapphic relationship between mother and daughter.

What to make of that, eh? Being a curious puss, I tried to get an interview with Cat a few months ago when I first happened upon the site, to ask her some pressing questions, but got no response. Maybe she’s not real, or she’s reluctant to reveal her true identity to anyone outside her immediate family in case mum ends up behind bars. But as a queer community, what do we do with the ‘Cats’ who come along and throw society’s assumptions into disarray? On the one hand, we can say, ‘Way to go, onya girlfriend!’ or we can insist the relationship between Cat and her mother is wrong and that Cat has been abused. Her response to that is: “The same society that said I shouldn’t want to nibble on my mom also said that some of the finest people I knew were evil because they were gay.”

Complicated bunch, aren’t we?


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