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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Interview with trans punk rock pioneer Jayne County

Recently Jayne County posted on her Myspace site that Gene Simmons of rock band KISS was trying to co-opt the name of her band (The Electric Chairs), which she's had since the 70s. He announced on his reality TV show that his son's band would be called Nick Simmons and The Electric Chairs. Jayne put out a call to action and Gene initially backed off. Jayne kindly agreed to let me interview her for SX, the weekly GLBTI magazine in Sydney that I write for. You can read the article online by going to:

Since then, Jayne has found out that Gene is still using her band's name in re-runs of his show and on a DVD. Jayne (formerly Wayne County & The Electric Chairs) was the first trans punk rock artist - Kiss, Bowie etc just played dress-ups and it sucks that a right-wing rock star like Simmons can't think up an original name for his own son's band. Jayne is a fabulous person and if you're someone who dislikes right-wing bigots with lots of money trampling on people who retain personal integrity and individuality at all costs, never selling out, please visit her Myspace page at to find out how you can help her.
Enjoy the interview!


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