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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sexual Objects

Most of us have heard of shoe fetishists (heck, a nice stiletto can even get me going if the right chick's wearing it!). But some people find pleasure in all sorts of other everyday objects, the official name for this being objectum sexuality. My favourite is Mrs Berlin-Wall. She's among a group of people attracted to various types of building or construction, such as fences. "For me to be attracted to an artefact, it must be a construction with parallel lines, usually horizontal," she explains. "I do also find other manufactured items good-looking, such as bridges, fences, railroad tracks, gates etc. All these have two things in common: rectangular, the parallel lines and they all divide."

But although she may feel attracted to these items, she feels love for only one - the Berlin Wall, which she 'married' in 1979 and changed her name accordingly. Mrs Berlin-Wall is an animist - one who believes all objects are living and have a soul. I'll let her explain her relationship with the wall: "We've been in love for many years. I was attracted to him ever since he was born. Yes, he is some years younger than me. But neither of us feels that this age difference matters. It was very much a long distance romance as neither of us likes to travel. For much of the time, I had to make do with photos of him and of course seeing him in newspapers and on the television. Like every married couple, we have our ups and downs. We may not have a conventional marriage, but neither of us cares much for conventions. Ours is a story of two beings in love, our souls entwined for all eternity."

The 'attack' on her 'husband' by 'frenzied mobs' in November 1989 when the Wall came down still affects her deeply. "Only one word adequately describes my feelings - tragedy! I wish the fall of the DDR [former East Germany]. had never happened, simply because it meant a personal tragedy for me and for the Berlin Wall, which should be easy enough to understand. It's wrong to attack the Wall because of human stupidity and disrespect for objects. It's wrong to ship parts of him to the USA and other places. The Berlin Wall is a German being and it's beyond all forgiveness to treat him like they have done. I still can maintain the marriage with the Wall, even if he isn't what he used to be in his prime. I will always love him."

Isn't she fabulous? Well, it's given me food for thought - come to think of it, my front gate's looking's rather pretty.


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