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Sunday, July 30, 2006


After pondering obsessions in a previous blog, I got to wondering why people are attracted to others and what particularly it is about certain physical attributes that turn us on. Why is it that my hormones are thrown into disarray at the sight of Debbie Harry's cheekbones, or Joan Collins' lipglossed red lips? Why does the oestrogen practically bounce off the walls whenever my girlfriend puts on 80s make-up?

My Scottish gay friend Martin who's lived in Sydney for the past four years is another Blondie geek fascinated and attracted to Debbie but not in a sexual way. He came up with a theory in answer to my first question. "Debbie's face is a perfect example of a loveheart-shaped face. If you start from the tip of her nose and follow a line up around her arched eyebrows and round her cheeks and finally to the bottom lip, it's a perfect loveheart shape-there must be some deep psychological implications there," he explained earnestly. Yeah, I know we both need to get out more.

Explaining Joan's lips of course is easy: they are the ultimate vagina. Red, glistening and soft, leading to a moist, dark, mysterious place. It sounds a bit Freudian, I know, but all those games we play as young children sticking our fingers into each other's mouths and sucking them (other people do do that, don't they?) leave longlasting impressions on an easily corruptible mind.

My friend Konny, a German lesbian in her mid twenties, shares my fascination with and attraction to older women (and yes, she needs to get out more too). She told me that although she is "crazy about tits", they have to be part of the whole person. "If I like the tits, it's because it's 'her' tits," she said. "If I'm crazy about the thing between her legs, then it's only because it's 'her' thing. I don't want to see, touch or whatever anything between the legs of just any woman." I'm inclined to agree with her, although I'm not going to make any sweeping statements about it being a chick thing and guys being more likely to get turned on by isolated body parts. But on flicking through Penthouse once in a while, I'm not particularly excited at the close-ups of pink bits and buttock cheeks unless I find the model attractive, which is rare (Nancy Sinatra's nude shots in a 1995 edition of Playboy being the exception - her boots were made for walking and she can walk all over me in them anytime!).

Other friends told me they found legs, arms, abs, hairy chest, breasts, butt, fingers, neck, eyes, lips, teeth and back of the head a turn on, although none could offer an explanation why - apart from Konny who mentioned something about breast-feeding and mothers - at which point I got a little scared.


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